Lately Twitter It has been testing a lot of different functions, but not all have been as successful as expected. A clear example of this is fleets, the alternative of this social network for Stories from Facebook and Instagram which came to an end in August. Well, now they will put something else to the test, and without a doubt, it will cause a lot of controversy.

Twitter will begin to experiment with adding advertising in responses to tweets, although according to Bruce Fack, Head of Revenue Products at Twitter, these ads will not be intrusive or annoying as they will only appear in the first, third or eighth responses.

“Starting today, we are trying something different and experimenting with a new ad format in tweet conversations. If you are part of this test (which is global; both on iOS and Android), you will only see ads after the first, third or eighth reply to the tweet. “

The good news is that this might not be permanent, as Falck and his team will be closely monitoring this new feature to determine if it is leaving, staying, or what changes they will need to make to it based on user feedback.


Editor’s note: In itself I feel that Twitter Now it has a lot more publicity than before, I can’t imagine how stuck the site could look when they start to bring this feature around the world. I sincerely hope they back down as it doesn’t sound like something is going to turn out well.

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Via: Twitter

Replies to tweets will already include ads

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