Remake with Cloud from Kingdom Hearts

Remake with Cloud from Kingdom Hearts

Final Fantasy VII: Remake It is a PlayStation exclusive on consoles but it is also available on PC, as it arrived on the Epic Games Store in the middle of last year and on Steam in January of this. Since then, several very creative mods have been created and a few days ago one was published that changes the appearance of Cloud for the of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts is a Square Enix series that crossovers between the Final Fantasy series and the Disney worlds, which began on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Cloud Strife is the protagonist of Final Fantasy 7 and appeared in Kingdom Hearts since its first installment, where he showed a new design that we can finally see in HD thanks to this new Final Fantasy VII: Remake mod.

This is what Colossal Cake’s “Cloud Kingdom Hearts Outfit” mod looks like. (Available on Nexusmods)

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The “mod”Cloud Kingdom Hearts Outfit” was made by Colossal Cake and was published last Thursday June 30th on Nexusmods. The mod works with Final Fantasy VII: Remake in its PC version, both in the Epic Games Store and Steam, and so far no bugs have been reported.

ColossalCake’s mod follows Cloud’s look in Kindgom Hearts but cuts his cape off, saying he hasn’t found a way to implement it in a way that looks good at all times due to the game’s armor system. Still, the modder claims to be working on a patch to improve various aspects of his skin, with some of these based on feedback from comments on the page.

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Cloud’s skin gear and textures were taken from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and adjusted to Final Fantasy VII: Remake by ColossalCake. Finally the modder thanks matyalatte, spiritovod and FluffyQuack for their help with some tools that made this mod possible.