Dragon Ball Super: SuperHero It will hit theaters in Japan next April. Although it has been confirmed that this animated film will be available in various parts of the world, at the moment it has only been revealed to a country that will be able to enjoy this film outside of Japan in the coming months.

It was recently revealed that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It will premiere in Thailand on June 2, 2022. Outside of this country, at the moment there is no more information about the arrival of this tape in other regions, although this does not mean that it will not happen.

Considering the immense popularity of Dragon Ball in regions like Latin America, It is very likely that this year we will see Gohan and company on the big screen of the nearest cinema. In related topics, the anime of Dragon ball super could come back this year. Similarly, Dragon ball fighterz it will have more fighters.


Editor’s Note:

It is obvious that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero it will reach Mexico and the rest of Latin America, it could even happen earlier than in the United States and other western regions. The only thing we can do is wait and buy the tickets as soon as they are available.

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Release date for DBS out of Japan now

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