As we get older, there are some tasks that are more complicated and that can cause discomfort or ailments in the body. One of them is to pass the vacuum cleaner and have to get to places where it is only possible if we bend down and stretch our arm well. A posture that does not benefit those with back problems at all.

There is a sector of society that this poses even more problems, that of the elderly, often with mobility problems. In your case, many times they are forced to ask someone for help to vacuum and to be able to keep the house clean.

The muscles and bones of the human body degenerate as the endocrine and immune systems age, leading to loss of muscle mass, decreased cartilage elasticity, and osteoporosis. From the age of 60, people lose 30% of the muscle mass that protects the joints and keeps them stable. Wear and tear between joint surfaces due to decreased cartilage elasticity and osteoporosis can cause pain.

Reach all spaces

Under a table, a dresser or a sofa, there are many spaces in which dust is stored. The reality is that practically no vacuum cleaner on the market takes these problems into account, and its tubes are rigid so it is the back and legs that have to flex. Nevertheless, there is a vacuum cleaner that does take this into account, the Redkey F10.

With the push of a button, the Redkey F10 vacuum’s extendable tube will become a pivoting arm that slides effortlessly under furniture. When we are done, we will simply have to lift the vacuum cleaner to return the arm to its normal shape.

LED lights for a better view of dust and a superior filtering system

Older people, in addition to physical problems, can also lead to vision problems and it is sometimes more difficult to find dirt, especially the finest dust particles. The new Redkey F10 is equipped with LED lights on the brush head. This, together with the intelligent system capable of detecting dust, automatically adjusts the suction power to maximize the results. The maximum power of the Redkey F10 reaches 23,000 pa, an incredible suction power.

In addition to the amazing features above, Redkey F10 also has a three-stage filtration system for the prevention of air pollution, even from very very small particles. Compared to other similar vacuum cleaners on the market, the new Redkey F10 has a suction power between 35 and 40% higher.

If you live with or are close to an elderly or mobile person, the Redkey F10 vacuum cleaner it is a great help to keep the house clean, with great suction power, maneuverability and a filtering system premium.