Trick or treat, costumes, sweets and many scares. Red Dead Online details all the news of its halloween event, which promises to bring playable news, the return of some game modes and bonuses in rewards. All this, of course, under the gloomy cloak expected during the night of the witches.

Throughout the Wild West there is talk of conflicts between some strange and disturbing enemies. To Arms: Halloween will take you to protect the settlements of Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle, and Bolger’s Glade. This event will be accompanied by double rewards in RDO $, gold and experience.

Red Dead Online details all the news of its halloween event

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On the occasion of Halloween, players can encounter a ghost train in Armadillo, as well as battle with alligators and cougars thirsty for human flesh. Those capable of surviving to the 10th wave in any Take to Arms: Halloween mode will receive a 2000 XP reward to redeem in Halloween Pass 2. You can see all the additions in more detail on the Rockstar Games website.

Red Dead Online details all the news of its halloween event

Also, if you are interested in games of RockstarWe remind you that the remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy already has an official release date and we can enjoy it next month on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Ps4, Ps5, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch. In addition, GTA San Andreas remastered is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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