Home News Recreating the Jurassic World jungle is Walmart’s latest marketing strategy

Recreating the Jurassic World jungle is Walmart’s latest marketing strategy

Recreating the Jurassic World jungle is Walmart’s latest marketing strategy

The trip concludes with a pop up storewhere attendees can find a variety of allegorical Jurassic World products that come from the Mattel and Lego brands, in addition to the licensee.

However, the name of Little Caesars and Walmart also sneaks into the scenery, because with this activation, the advertising division of the retailerWalmart Connect, demonstrates its services as a connector for brands and consumers, through experiences.

“Although we have the forms and dynamics with which brands communicate with consumers, our intention is to give something that is not only advertising, but also connects with the consumer in a significant way,” says Ricardo Carvajal, commercial and operations leader. from Walmart Connect. “We will call you retailteinment. It’s a very American phrase, but it expresses a lot about the union of entertainment with retail and it allows us to exploit the omnichannel we have.”

According to the financial report for the first quarter of the year, which the retailer sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange, in the Walmart Connect advertising division, investment per campaign grew by almost 60% and the number of campaigns carried out increased by 36%. versus the first quarter of last year.

Carvajal says that Walmart Connect is a three-year construction effort that culminated in omnichannel and retailtainment like the jungle in Jurassic World: Dominion. “We know that the goal of brands, beyond delivering a message, is to engage with their consumer,” he says.

It is an animatronic that is five meters long and is controlled by a person, as well as by the use of technology.

Expansión (E): How was the negotiation process with the brands to join this project in particular?
Ricardo Carvajal (RC): The talks began in November last year. It is an effort that takes time, those who have products linked to the film were invited, but the strategic partners and the licensee joined naturally. Today on board is Lego, Mattel, Little Caesars and the licensee.

E: How long will the activation be available?
RC: It will only be this Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 am to 7:00 pm at Walmart Universidad because it is an iconic point of sale in Mexico City. We are thinking that the experience will be lived by around 4,000 people per day, who in the end end up taking photos and sharing them on social networks. There is a great experience that we deliver live, but that has a significant financial impact.

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E: What is the next step for Walmart Connect?
RC: The objective is to continue building a relationship of opportunity with the brands: how they carry their message at the right time, in the right place and with the right product, that is the philosophy. We have a lot of offer within Walmart and what we want to do is highlight what the brands want and what the consumer needs at that moment.

What comes forward is to continue building this type of experience, with these forms of segmented connection to the right person, both online and in physical store experiences.

E: What is the promise of Walmart Connect for brands?
RC: Our customers have a route to reach the different products. It can start from an e-commerce search to the experience when they walk into the physical store and then walk down the aisles. The promise we have is that in all possible opportunities and that are relevant, we are going to give them an option so that they can communicate with consumers.

For us it is crucial to understand the consumer. The knowledge we have of it is fundamental to everything we do, and being able to tell a brand how to connect with it is very important. So is technology, we are making digitization efforts to communicate with the consumer through kiosks, price checkers, in-store audio, etc. We are riding the digital wave and we use relevant data throughout our ecosystem, which is not only stores and Walmart Connect, but also Bait and Cashi. Today, the more information you have about the consumer, the better you will be able to do the work of advertising and communication.

On board for the immersive experience are Lego, Mattel, Little Caesars and licensee Jurassic World.