If you are here, you have deleted a photograph from your gallery and now you want to get it back. Starting to delete photos is something you should do carefully, because you must be careful what you do. Today we are going to tell you about the options you have to recover deleted photos from mobile. We already anticipate that there are not many and that, probably, I will leave here without a valid solution. We cannot do much more, because the operating system has the capabilities that it has. Of course, we are going to try to get them back.

Is it possible to recover deleted photos?

The short answer is Yes. The long answer is yes, but with some conditions. When trying recover deleted photos it is very important to have him time factor. If you have deleted them recently, you have a better chance of being able to restore them. If several months ago you can start to give up the fight.

Recover photos with the recycle bin on your mobile

Much of the current mobiles have Google Photos as their photo gallery principal. If this is your case, you may be in luck. You can enter Google Photos, go to the ‘Library’ section and then click on ‘Paper bin‘.

Recover deleted photos on mobile, is it possible? excuse me?

There will appear all the photos that you have deleted from your device in the last 60 days. Simply select the ones you want and they will return to your gallery. It is a simple process, but valid only for the mistakes of a few weeks or days ago. After 60 days the photos in the trash will be completely erased.

If you don’t have Google Photos as the main gallery, go to the default gallery and look for this same option of ‘Trash‘. Not all mobiles have it, but for some time it has been quite common in several of the most popular customization layers.

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The operation is the same, look for the trash, find your photos and restore the ones you want. Generally, galleries have a similar time to Google Photos, although it varies by manufacturer. If you deleted them a long time ago, you may not find them.

Recover a minimal version of your photos with this app

There are several applications in Play Store dedicated to recovering deleted photos. Not all of them work and the ones that do work are based on the same thing: they search the cache files to retrieve a thumbnail of your photos.

Recover deleted photos on mobile, is it possible? excuse me?

We recommend you download DiskDigger. It is the first option that the Google store gives you and one of the most recommended applications for this purpose. When you install it, it will search your device’s cache data to find a reduced version of the original photo.

When a photograph is stored on your Android device, not only the original copy is saved. I also know save a thumbnail copy which is the one that is displayed in the gallery mosaic. When you delete a photo, this version is kept in the cache and can be recovered.

Of course, we already anticipate that it is a very reduced version that probably won’t do you much good. You must open the app, run the search and find the deleted photos among the entire list. This app will search for the thumbnail of all the photos you have and have taken on your mobile, so it could be a list of thousands of photos.

It is a tedious process and it does not have a very good result, but it is the only thing you can do if you do not have a recycle bin or a backup. Beyond this method there is nothing you can do: If you have deleted the photos you will definitely not be able to recover them.

Also, we want to warn you of photo recovery services and payment applications. None of them will work for you, so think long and hard before paying for the recovery of deleted photos on your device.