Record of 62.8 trillion decimal places of the number Pi, although only 39 are necessary for atomic precision | Life

Record of 62.8 trillion decimal places of the number Pi, although only 39 are necessary for atomic precision |  Life

So many decimals of the number Pi are known that a supercomputer is already required to handle them. They occupy 63 TB of hard disk.

As the computational power of computers grows, so do the decimals of the number Pi.

In 2019 Japanese computing Emma Haruka Iwao used the Google cloud to get to 31.4 trillion decimal places. In 2020 a mathematician reached 50 billion, and this month researchers from the University of Applied Sciences of Graubünden, in Switzerland, have arrived until the 62.8 trillion decimal places of the number Pi.

As we were all taught in school, the PI number is a constant value that is obtained by dividing the length of a circumference by its diameter. It is an irregular number with infinite decimal places: 3.14159365358979 …. In simple words, the length of the circumference is three times as large as its diameter, and a little more.

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The decimals of the number Pi they are interesting because they do not follow a pattern, so they are not easy to calculate. That is why this mathematical operation It is used by popular benchmarks to measure the computing power of computers, based on the time it takes to calculate a certain number of decimal places.

These Swiss researchers They have used a supercomputer equipped with 2 AMD CPUs with 32 cores each, 1 TB of RAM, and 512 TB of storage.

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This hardware needed 108 days and 9 hours to calculate 62.8 billion, that is, 62.8 billion decimal places of the number Pi. 63 TB is required to store them. As a curious note, The last decimal places calculated are 7817924264.

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The number Pi was already known in Ancient Egypt, almost 4,000 years ago. Although it did not begin to call this way until the 18th century. In mathematics the Greek letter π is used, the initial letter of words periphery and perimeter.

In the 5th century, the Chinese astronomer Zu Chongzhi offered a simple way to remember the most accurate approximation: divide 355 by 113. It gives us: 3.1415929. It was not surpassed in almost 1,000 years. Today supercomputers are used to keep track of trillions of decimal places.