Recipe for roasted rabbit on the barbecue, enjoying the coals with healthy meat

Recipe for roasted rabbit on the barbecue, enjoying the coals with healthy meat

I want to tell you how to make the recipe for barbecue roast rabbit, to continue enjoying the healthiest meat in the summer months when we most like barbecues and other gatherings around the embers.

Although whenever we think of barbecues, red meat, pork and its cold meats, or the always delicious lamb chops come to mind, today we propose a healthier barbecue with less fat, without giving up all the flavor.

If you are going to organize a barbecue on the weekend, remember this recipe with which you have assured success, and also to much cheaper price than other products that we regularly grill on our grills.

We prepare the rabbit by seasoning it to taste. To increase its flavor, we sprinkle it with our homemade chimichurri sauce and let it marinate while we prepare the embers. When well done and covered in a greyish layer, we lower the grill and put the different prey of the rabbit on it.

During cooking we can keep adding chimichurri with a silicone brush. We let the rabbit roast for approximately ten minutes and turn the slices over, leaving them another five or six more minutes, depending on our tastes.

I tend to prefer barbecued meats – especially when they are white meats such as Duroc pork, chicken, or rabbit – are well cooked, since I like that they are “churruscaítas”, but the point of the meat is something personal so I leave it to the taste and experience of each barbecue. We serve the roasted rabbit with more fresh chimichurri on top.

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With what to accompany the rabbit roasted on the barbecue

To accompany the barbecue roast rabbit recipe, You can fry some traditional potatoes or take advantage of the heat of the embers to roast some vegetables. This time I had a red and green pepper salad that came with pearls as a garnish. Also, if you add a little homemade chimichurri sauce, it will add the last touch to our recipe today.

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