recipe for newbies and emergencies

recipe for newbies and emergencies

Although I really like breads with a long fermentation, respecting the rising times and made with more tranquility, I must admit that this quick bread in broiler bag that I bring you today, it has gotten me out of some trouble those days when for any reason you do not have fresh bread.

This is such a simple bread that Anyone can do it even if they don’t have the slightest notions of bakery. Resulting in a tender bun, but with a crunchy crust perfect to taste with some cold cuts, paté or cheese.

Before I had the problem that for this type of bread they asked for a container with a Pyrex-type glass lid that I never had, but prepared in this way in a roasting bag, anyone can have them on hand, without spending on another peanut or money, or space.

We will start by mixing the slightly warm water with the baking powder and sugar. We remove. We add the flour, the salt, the oil and we form a dough. Mix with the hook accessory for 10 minutes or by hand for 20 minutes, until you get an elastic dough that does not stick.

We ball dragging the dough with our hands, so that it forms a ball. We make some cuts with a blade in the smooth part leaving the closure down, or, as I have done, leaving the closure of the dough up.

Lightly grease the roasting bag with oil and place the floured bread roll on the surface, closing the bag with the metal closure. We place the bag on a baking sheet and We put in the oven without preheating for 1 hour at 220ºC.

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With what to accompany the quick bread in a bag

East quick bread in bag It is ideal to accompany some cold meats or cheeses on those days that due to circumstances we do not have bread and we want a crisp and fresh bread, but without messing around in the kitchen. If you have any leftovers, store it in a cotton cloth bag to keep it as tender as possible until the next day.

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