recipe for a different meal in less than 10 minutes

recipe for a different meal in less than 10 minutes

Any time of the year is ideal to eat prawns, although we tend to leave them for special occasions and celebrations. We can prepare them in a thousand ways, both in hot and cold recipes. I personally love prawns for a salad or in combination with some vegetables.

Today I propose this recipe for delicious avocados stuffed with spicy prawns that we will serve with a Thousand Islands dressing, a typical sauce of Mexican cuisine, similar to our pink sauce, but with a spicy touch.

The combination of spicy prawns with this dressing that is medium sweet will give us a very good taste sensation.

Let’s start with Make the Thousand Island Dressing and for this we will finely chop the peinillo that we will mix with the mayonnaise, the ketchup and the grated Parmesan. We beat well until all these ingredients are integrated. We boil the prawns for about 3 to 4 minutes in salted water. We let them cool and peel. We booked.

Now we are going to finely chop the red onion as well as the red pepper that we put in a bowl. Add the prawns, the olive oil, the hot sauce, a couple of tablespoons of the Thousand Island dressing and a little salt. Cut the avocado in two, remove the bone and peel each half. If necessary, slightly enlarge the holes in the two halves. Fill each half with the prawn preparation and refrigerate for about 20 minutes.

With what to accompany avocados stuffed with spicy prawns

I recommend you enjoy these delicious avocados stuffed with spicy prawns fresh so I would recommend leaving them in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes before serving. You can accompany them with some salty crackers as well as a good cold dry white wine.

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