Receiving this message could block your WhatsApp

Receiving this message could block your WhatsApp

The  WhatsApp messages that block the messaging application are not new and the last one is a text of great length with strange characters that can be sent hidden in virtual cards.

This type of message has a great variety of strange characters that the application cannot process, so it ends up blocking.

When opening these types of messages, the messaging application freezes and if users try to open the app again, it will remain blocked.

The message campaign is especially focused on users in Brazil and other places in Latin America, and sometimes it takes advantage of the use of virtual cards to hide a large number of contacts with strange names that contain codes that cause crashes in the app.

So far, the application does not have any tool to solve this problem in a general and effective way, according to the WABetaInfo portal.


What to do in case of receiving one of these messages?

In case of receiving one of these messages, users should try to block the contact who has sent it through the web version of WhatsApp.

Likewise, it is recommended that users change their group privacy settings to indicate that they only add known contacts to groups, as well as delete the message containing the blocking code through WhatsApp Web.

However, if users cannot access WhatsApp Web, they will have to reinstall the application and if they do not have a backup of their chat history, they will lose it completely.

Two years ago, the ‘WhatsApp Black Circle’ joke went viral, inviting you to touch that item on the screen and resulting in the application crashing.