As is already common in phones with Android operating system, the screen that you will find in the terminal has dimensions large enough to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content (something in which it helps that its aspect ratio is 20: 9). We are talking about a component of 6.43 inch AMOLED that has a resolution Full HD +. Therefore, it does not clash at all when it comes to comparing it with any of its rivals in the market, which are those that have a price of around 300 euros.

An important detail to value is that the hole for the front camera is located on the top left. This is quite well defined and, due to its position, it is very possible that you can cover it while you are playing … Something that you should keep in mind if for any reason you want to use this hardware element while running an app. Of course, the finish is excellent, since we have not detected any type of light leak or shadow around the circle. Good work done here.

Realme GT Master Edition lower screen

The image quality of the realme GT Master Edition

To begin, you have to indicate the number of pixels that the screen of this phone offers, which is 409 dpi. It is a fairly high number and it ensures a really good definition, but it is true that currently the figure can be considered in part as a standard. In this way, it must be said that it is perfectly fulfilled and when testing applications such as the browser or word processors we have been quite satisfied when reviewing in an expanded way the edges Of letters.

In the color management section, using the terminal as it arrives by default we have verified that a job quite good across the entire SRGB spectrum, which means that no particularly high saturation was achieved in any situation and that there is also no strange tendency towards cold or warm when rendering the images. Therefore, we can say that the panel integrated in this realme GT Master Edition is pretty well balanced and also the tactile response that it offers is fast enough to convince in any type of situation (of course, they also accompany the games here).

A most acceptable shine

The phone that we have tested complies quite well in this section, but the truth is that it is not among the most prominent models on the market within its product range. Thus, if you manage this parameter manually, you can achieve a power of up to about 420 nits, which in principle should be enough for you to have a good experience of use both indoors and outdoors (regardless of the light that exists at all times). Without being outrageous, we believe that it is more than enough.

Image on the screen of the realme GT Master Edition

If, on the other hand, you let the operating system automatically manage the brightness level – which, by the way, recognizes all situations quite precisely – that is used at all times, it must be said that we obtained a slightly higher mark of 497 nits … we always talk about maximum peak and not from sustained operation where the figure is practically identical to the one mentioned above when using manual work. Again, good.

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Realme GT Master Edition software options

Without becoming a prodigy when it comes to offering options to personalize the screen in the way that best suits your needs, it should be noted that more than enough options are included to be able to establish parameters that make you enjoy the best of the good quality that has the panel integrated in this phone. An example of what we say is that it is possible from establishing the automatic rotation of the operating system interface to change the color temperature of the screen quickly and easily.

In addition, it does not lack the power to establish a Screen color mode where in our opinion the best option is the one that is activated by default (Intense). The other two are not bad, but it seems to us that in one case the saturation is abused (Bright) and in the other, a pasteleo color (Soft). By the way, to access the management option of the Screen refresh rate You must access the More section of the Settings and, there, use the option that suits you best.

A frequency that is differential

The operation in this section of the integrated panel in the realme GT Master Edition is quite similar to that obtained in other devices from the same manufacturer. That is, you can work with the screen at 60 or 120 Hz permanently if you decide to do so through the configuration or, failing that, there is the possibility of using an automatic option that, upon detecting the software you use, makes the relevant adjustment so that you always get a good experience while reducing energy consumption .

Realme GT Master Edition screen corner

And it is with this last possibility that we have found some details that you should take into account. With practically anyone who has a scrolling menu, and even with the Chrome browser, the device allows reaching 120 Hz and this is noticeable because you have a very good feeling when using the device. When you run some multimedia content or a game, the default equipment drops to sixty, so you will have the feeling of using a “normal” terminal. The fact is that the operation is quite good and when the upper option is used we have to say that the satisfaction is the predominant note.

Realme GT Master Edition screen view

The truth is that we have been quite satisfied when checking the quality offered by the screen of the phone that we have analyzed in the different situations that usually occur on a day-to-day basis. The operation with the games is pretty good, as well as with the rest of the multimedia contents, we find the good balance offered by the screen when managing colors quite remarkable (even on YouTube the HDR).

Floating realme GT Master Edition

With a 120 Hz screen that makes it stand out from many of its competition considering the price of the realme GT Master Edition. The truth is that the screen, without becoming a tremendously clear reason for purchase, does not rule out getting this terminal that allows you to enjoy a image quality Enough good to be happy.