I have actually confirmed the existence of Flash, the World’s first Android smartphone with wireless magnetic charging. The information about the device was leaked yesterday, but the company made it official in the last hours with a teaser in social networks.

The mobile will arrive accompanied by a charger that would have certain similarities with the MagSafe for the iPhone 12, although the approach of the Chinese brand would differ a lot from that of Apple.

While the existence of the Realme Flash with wireless magnetic charging was confirmed through its manufacturer’s social networks, the brand has not yet released images or official specifications. Fortunately, GSM Arena Yes, you have had early access to the information on this new phone.

Logically, the greatest interest is on the wireless charger. Based on the leaked data, it is called MagDart and its technology would resemble that of the MagSafe. However, the Realme magnetic device would be much thicker than Apple’s. But the difference between the two would not only lie in the aesthetic part.

The accessory to equip the Realme Flash with wireless magnetic charging would have a USB Type-C port and would feature a fan to dissipate heat. This is because would offer more than 15W to power the mobile battery; in fact, it would be the fastest magnetic charger in the world when launched.

The Realme Flash brings wireless magnetic charging to the Android world

There is no specific date for the release of the Realme Flash with wireless magnetic charging yet, although it is rumored to be next week. If you are not convinced by the design or size of the new charger, don’t worry. According to GSM Arena, it would also have been seen a smaller version, disk type, which would arrive with an integrated cable and would offer a power of up to 15W.

As for the specifications of the Realme Flash itself, the Android mobile would incorporate a curved screen (the size had not yet been specified) and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, and a triple camera setup at the rear. As the days go by, there will be more news, both for the mobile itself and for MagDart, its wireless magnetic charging system.