Yesterday we talked to you about the new Windows emojis and it seems that it is ready for these emojis can also have a presence in applications. Thus, we will have reactions to Teams messages with the new icons and, possibly also in Outlook for iOS at least.

IOS users will be able to react to different Outlook emails

The reality is that emojis have changed the way we communicate digitally. Rare is the time that we do not include an emoji and therefore they are no longer exclusive to instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. Currently, it is possible to send our feelings by sending an emoji in Outlook, and the good news is that emojis in Microsoft’s email client will be much more accessible in the coming months.

Microsoft is developing at the moment a new feature for the Outlook client on iOS. In order to make it easier for users to express their emotions through emojis. The new feature will allow users react to emails without sending incremental emails, similar to how you react to messages on Skype. Users will be able to use different expressions like: thumbs up, laugh, heart, celebrate or cry in reaction to emails in Outlook.

This is something very interesting and that would stop countless unnecessary emails that are sent daily to express something that can be said with an emoji. At Microsoft they are clear that email must evolve and they are already working on it.