Reactions are about to hit Twitter

Reactions are about to hit Twitter

Reactions to tweets, as well as downvotes for Twitter posts, will be available very soon.

Today, Twitter is one of the most used social networks worldwide. For this reason, from time to time from the platform development team try to release new features and functions so that users can enjoy it later.

In this sense, back in September, we began to see some evidence of the reactions in its iPhone app, which would be the evolution of the classic “Like” button currently available on the social network. And, some time later, it seems that the reactions could be closer than we really think, and that could be accompanied by negative votes for tweets.

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You will soon be able to react to tweets and downvote on Twitter

As we mentioned, according to shared by Nime Owji, a developer who has looked at the details in the Twitter code, it seems that the reactions could be very close, and that there would also come the possibility of giving downvotes or negative votes to tweets.

This would be the new button to vote negatively on a tweet

While the reactions would work in a similar way to those of Facebook, replacing in a way the classic like or “I like”, the operation of negative votes would not be similar. By pressing the button, the data will be collected only by the social network so as not to show similar content, and at no time will the votes be public nor will they reach the original author of the tweet.

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If you want a Twitter widget on your iPhone or iPad, you have to download this app

It is not clear when these functions will arrive on Twitter, but everything indicates that it should not be missing too much to get to see them officially. In this way, very soon you will be able to give negative votes to tweets, or react to them using a pensive face, a crying face, a laughing face or an applause, in addition to the classic red heart.

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