Razer is a company that claims to be present in the market with a very wide range of products. Your computers and peripherals for gaming They are recognized around the world, although it has also ventured with even more daring items. But this time he has surprised everyone with his latest release: thimbles gamer to use on mobile.

Yes, Razer has shipped with an accessory that probably no one ever thought they needed or ultimately thought they saw come true. The Gaming Finger Sleeve are literally “finger sleeves”, and are intended to help the smartphone not escape from the hands of users in the middle of a game.

According to Razer, thimbles gamer they have a thickness of 0.8 millimeters; and they are capable of absorbing sweat to “keep fingers dry and cool” during long sessions of mobile games. And they are washable, of course.

As far as sensitivity is concerned, Gaming Finger Sleeve They are made of nylon and lycra, and woven with a highly conductive silver fiber. This guarantees that users are not affected by the playability, since the accessory does not interfere with the contact between the fingers and the mobile screen.

Thimbles gamer by Razer Promise to Maximize Your Performance While Gaming on Mobile

If you spend several hours of your day playing on your smartphone, the thimbles may gamer Razer do not seem far-fetched to you. It is clear that the firm is trying to respond to a manifest need of the gaming community, or is simply trying to capitalize on the popularity of mobile games.

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Whatever the case, Gaming Finger Sleeve they are a reality and are already for sale. It is worth noting that the accessory is “universal”; that is to say, fits all kinds of finger sizes, according Has published Razer. Each thimble is approximately 2.1 centimeters wide by 4.5 long. The pack of two thimbles is sold in the company store in exchange for $ 9.99.

It is clear that the Razer thimbles are a product that comes to deny all those convinced that there is nothing left to invent for the catalog gamer.