Razer is committed to bringing RGB technology to your entire home

Razer is committed to bringing RGB technology to your entire home

We have already spoken on many occasions about the gaming peripheral firm Razer. This company has grown at an incredible rate and little by little it is entering new segments beyond the gamer public. We already showed you their keyboards, more discreet, for companies and now they want to bring their RGB lighting to the whole house.

Razer Smart Home, the lighting for your home

Most of Razer’s products are close to the PC. Now you want to extend its reach to all corners of your house, or at least, to all places where we use smart lights. At CES 2022, the company announced that it intends to launch an app Razer Smart Home for mobile. This is one “Simple but powerful tool that puts complete and unified control in the hands of the user.” With it, Razer wants to make it easy to set up, customize and sync all of its lights, regardless of manufacturer. Very soon we will have more information in the following link.

Razer has been toying with this idea of ​​taking advantage of other smart lights in the past. Currently, gamers with Razer’s Synapse software for PC can sync a bridge Philips Hue (and the lights connected to it) to mimic the same lighting settings as the LEDs included in countless Razer peripherals. But a mobile app, in theory, seems like an easier way to quickly scale up partners, as many lights support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Razer has taken advantage of the CES 2022 showcase to offer any company that participates in its program Razer Chrome Smart Home. Brands like Nanoleaf, LIFX, Yeelight, Monster and Twinkly They have already joined, and they say they have more partners on the way (hopefully Signify’s Philips Hue).

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Lastly, we don’t know if Razer will introduce its smart home lights. They also haven’t specified whether firmware updates for the smart lights will be able to be received. We understand that the app will be free and at some point offer home automation. We will be attentive to tell you the news.