The technology company specialized in gaming hardware Razer remains at the forefront of the industry and that is why now Razer announces Kaira X headsets and more Xbox peripherals, in its objective of nourishing quality products the Microsoft family of consoles. The main product of this new wave of ads is the aforementioned Kaira X headset, which after its successful time on PC now comes to consoles with the same intention. Thanks to the 50mm Razer TriForce drivers, these headphones offer high-quality gaming audio, to which we must add the Razer HyperClear cardioid microphone for crystal clear sound during our games.

Razer announces Kaira X headsets and more Xbox 2 peripherals

Comfort will not be left behind thanks to the Flowknit memory foam ear cushions and the analog connection thanks to the minijack port. Matching with Xbox Series X | S, the Razer Kaira X are available in black and white, although you can also find them in Shock Blue, Pulse Red and Electric Volt, coinciding with the official Xbox controllers. You can see this model in the three mentioned colors in the image above. The Razer Kaira X for Xbox in black and white are available from today with a RRP of 69.99 euros, while the other three colors will begin their reservations on October 14.

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Razer announces Kaira X headsets and more Xbox 3 peripherals

Along with the Kaira X headset for Xbox, today Razer is also offering the universal fast charging dock for Xbox controllers, compatible with Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One controllers and also with Xbox Elite Series 1. To match your controller, these bases are available in Carbon Black, Shock Blue, Robot White, Pulse Red and Electric Volt. The Aqua Shift color will be available in the Microsoft store later. Finally, the new Kaira, Kaira Pro and the Wolverine V2 Controller. All these products are found available in white and are compatible with Xbox Series X | S to offer quality and style at the same time.

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Razer announces Kaira X headsets and more Xbox 4 peripherals