Rappi has shown how to continue winning the user loyalty, now rewarding them with whiskey bottles.

We constantly see new companies making a new space in different industries, winning a market that already belonged to other well-positioned brands thanks to a plan full of marketing strategies well implemented and achieving successful results, however, the other side of the coin ends up registering notable losses (in the best of cases), causing even some of these to go bankrupt.

The industry has already witnessed this type of situation where a new company manages to monopolize the clients of another, even managing to bankrupt its competition. An example of this we had a few years ago with the renowned company Blockbuster, who offered a rental service for movies, series and video games in a physical way, dominating this market until the streaming giant came to win the trust of Blockbuster consumers. and taking it to oblivion, Netflix.

Taking into account that, according to a study by Nielsen, 60 percent of consumers globally with internet access prefer to buy products from well-known brands rather than switch to a new brandHow is it possible that new companies manage to position themselves and capture the majority of the market?

The loss of consumers It may be inevitable for some who do not manage to adapt efficiently to the new needs and demands that customers are acquiring in terms of quality (or quantity) of products or services and market demands, but there is an important factor to consider where a client chooses to change his favorite brand for a new one, his loyalty.

Earn the loyalty of a consumer (especially if the brand is relatively new and competes with other greats in the industry) is not an easy task, it requires a proper investment of work and time, however, there are some “simple” but effective strategies when it comes to winning the market preference and blog Holded He tells us about some of them:

The surprise factor – One of the main reasons why a new consumer will turn to see us is due to the surprise factor, since this is what will differentiate us from the competition, so we will have to offer them something new and different that manages to surprise them, such as offers “Seemingly for no reason” specials that you can apply consistently to achieve greater effectiveness in terms of loyalty gains.

Be close and familiar – The brand / user interaction is of vital importance so that customers feel confident, as if it were a family, managing to position ourselves in their minds as a figure of security and simplicity.

Earn their trust – Despite the fact that sometimes things can go wrong, it is completely necessary to do a post-sale follow-up that informs us about the inconsistencies that the consumer presented with our product or service, giving us an opportunity to correct errors and improve their experience of purchase, in addition to the fact that it will understand that if something goes wrong, the brand has enough tools to be able to solve this situation.

Sense of belonging – Not only is it enough to provide a good product or customer service or only follow-up in post-sale, but we must make it really feel identified with the brand, making it feel part of something bigger, part of a community by asking your opinion of the business and what you would do to improve it; in the same way, we can choose to offer a type of experience where you are a member or in an exclusive points program with benefits and exclusive offers, among other strategies.

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Delivery platforms have been talking about in recent years, managing to predominate in the consumer’s preference over the same brands that carry their products directly to their homes, one of them is Rappi.

Over the years, Rappi has shown that he is worthy of having earned the user loyalty, since on more than one occasion this brand has chosen to carry out the necessary marketing strategies to prevail in the consumer’s mind, becoming one of the most recognized companies in its market.

This time, Rappi has awarded its users giving them bottles of whiskey from the brand Black & White Orange, providing its consumers with an unforgettable experience where just for consuming, they are rewarded with a product that is quite well received by their customers, increasing their loyalty to the brand and even making them find themselves advertising on social networks.

Taking into account this experience on the part of the Rappi users, the brand has once again proven to be doing an efficient job to earn the customer loyalty again and again, since in the same way in its social networks, the brand is aware of the inconsistencies that arise in terms of its services.

Different brands well positioned in their markets are constantly rewarding their consumers, achieving a high loyalty with your customers.

An example of this we have with Starbucks, the most important franchise of coffee shops worldwide, being the second company with the highest brand value above all fast food restaurants around the world with 60,267 million dollars (Statista), who a few days ago launched a new strategy to continue earning the customer loyalty.

The brand chose to use its loyalty program (Starbucks Rewards), which by itself already provides a better shopping experience with benefits and surprises for the customer, to reward 5 of its best consumers from November 3 to December 31; The contest consists in that the 5 people who consume the most in their coffee shops will win coupons to have 365 free drinks at Starbucks throughout 2022, offering the user a feeling of excitement and adrenaline that encourages them to continue consuming, in addition to he is already being rewarded with the benefits of his reward system, directly and indirectly increasing his loyalty.

Different and numerous strategies exist to increase consumer loyalty to brandsHowever, rewarding the consumer and surprising him creatively will be one of the best marketing strategies in order to position ourselves above other companies.

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