Rappi delivery men and the outcome of Chris Rock

Rappi delivery men and the outcome of Chris Rock

Among the most read articles in the last week of March are some referring to the Walmart chain, one to the Rappi food app and its delivery men, and some others about the incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith. For this reason, the digital pulse was involved in several discussions, where celebrities, companies and apps were protagonists.

These were the 5 most read notes of the week:

A video from the TikTok app recently rose to popularity because it featured a Rappi delivery groupwhere two of them are about to fight. The video, however, has drawn attention on TikTok as it has become a huge advertisement for the brand.

Currently, social networks are the means of communication most used by consumers to expose any bad experience they have with a brand they consume, as in the case of a tweeter who posted a complaint on his Twitter account against Walmart retail store for tagging strollers at the entrance of one of their branches.

Tomassini Lizárraga, band musician and tiktoker at the same time, revealed through his social network how much Banda MS and Banda El Recodo charge per event. TikTok, while not the leading social network on the market, is one of the most used platforms today. Proof of this are the more than one billion users who have registered since ByteDance launched it in 2016.

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Social networks have become the best communication tool for people in the world. It is normal to find on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok, information about consumers of the brands they consume, such as the case of a consumer who was surprised to see a Walmart kiosk that he described as a “little corner store”.

A social media user shared the exorbitant bill he paid at the Strawberry Fair in Irapuato for an order of tacos; However, he was not the only one to report high costs in the gastronomic pavilion, for which the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) visited the place and sanctioned some establishments.

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