Rappi chooses Chumel Torres to advertise; generates controversy in networks

Rappi chooses Chumel Torres to advertise;  generates controversy in networks

The appearance of Chumel towers on the rappi advertising It has generated an important difference of opinions on social networks.

With the passage of time and the appearance of digital platforms such as social networks, users from all over the world gave birth to new personalities that can significantly influence their thinking. influencers, which attracted enough attention from brands to create various strategies and take considerable advantage of them, through the influencer marketing.

According to the study of Statista where it shows the Latin American countries with the most influencers, Brazil is leading with the presence of 1,176,375 of these characters (4.4 percent of its population), later is Argentina with the presence of 1,133,686 influencers (2.5 percent of its population) and Mexico with 443,030 influencers (0.3 percent of their population), among other countries that have demonstrated these figures, have become considerable role models.

Because the presence of these characters in Internet users is indisputable, various brands, agencies and other professionals have found good results in them to promote their products, services and even position their image; according to the study of Influencer Marketing Hub (The State of Influencer Marketing 2021: Benchmark Report), 90 percent of the surveyed “marketers” think that these influencer marketing strategies They are good, since the return on your investments is higher or similar to that of other more conventional alternatives.

However, not all influencers They handle the same type of information or the same audience, so brands should choose those who have a profile more in line with that of their brands, otherwise, these strategies may not be entirely well received by users.

Social networks have seen a notorious difference of opinion after Rappi choose to choose Chumel towers from “The Pulse of the Republic”As one of the influencers to carry out your advertising, where users are shown both for and against having used this controversial character, making a trend to Rappi on Twitter.

Faced with this and other types of situations, Chumel Torres has also managed to become a trend in social networks, where even users mention that it is not new news and are grateful that the character is so biased.

At present, brands have a fairly wide “catalog” of influencer to choose from to design their marketing strategies; However, they must be particularly careful when choosing which personality they want to temporarily represent their brands, since as well as it can generate positive repercussions, they are not exempt from not receiving some criticism.

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Influencers are the current bet of brands to be done advertising, as Uber Eats demonstrated a while ago when carrying out a cross strategy with the influencer Alex Tienda, generating a high level of interactions where he “accidentally” comes across an ad of himself, achieving endless comments on social networks, generating a type of unpaid chain advertising.

Although the number of followers and the presence of an influencer can help our image, not all of them work for all brands, so there are different factors to consider when choosing them, such as their niche, their type of content, the type of presence that it has and its perception before users; However, if it is constantly seen in controversy, it will undoubtedly position the brand in the digital conversation.

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