We will start by splitting the washed quinces, taking away the hard part of the interior and breaking them into small pieces, until obtaining 800 grams. We put them in a large microwave-resistant bowl and add the chopped apple into pieces.

In a saucepan we put sugar and water, We stir so that all the sugar is wet, we put it in the microwave at 800W for two minutes, we open, we stir, and we put it another two minutes. We booked.

We put the bowl with the quinces in the microwave at 800W for eight minutes, open, we stir and continue cooking another eight minutes. We booked.

We pour the water and sugar syrup on top of the fruit, stir to mix and put it to 800W five minutes, we open, stir and cook it for five more minutes. We remove from the microwave and carefully we pass the blender until it is as fine as we like.

We return the bowl to the microwave and continue cooking at 800W, five minutes, open, stir, cook another five minutes, open, stir, cook another five minutes. In total about 15 minutes of cooking at 800W, but stirring every five minutes.

As not all fruit is the same, if we had to cook it a little more, increase a five minute cycle and stir, observing the point of the quince. Once cooked, pour into the desired mold and let it cool until it hardens. Once cold, close it by making a vacuum until its consumption.

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