Quick recipes (and Halloween bonuses) on the weekly menu

Quick recipes (and Halloween bonuses) on the weekly menu

Where is October left? It seems that it was yesterday that we collected the proposals of his first weekly menu and we are already with goodbyes. We have been confused by the summer of San Miguel or the quince, but it seems that the autumn days are already coming. Slowly.

For this last week of the month we bring variety and, above all, recipes that are prepared in a jiffy. The days seem shorter and we feel like we have less time for cooking, even if that’s not the case. In any case, we hope that our proposals today will be great for you to solve your ballots. And for Halloween lovers, don’t miss the bonus that we include at the end of the menu.


  • Meal: Mushroom carpaccio with walnuts and pomegranate and Extremadura repair
  • Dinner: cream of leeks, potato and pear with saffron


  • Meal: basmati rice and teriyaki chicken
  • Dinner: Coconut Spiced Broccoli Skillet


  • Meal: Galician hake and cauliflower tabouleh
  • Dinner: easy pizza no oven

Hake Galician


  • Meal: medallions of chickpeas, mushrooms and almonds and sausages stewed with ratatouille
  • Dinner: zucchini and brie cheese omelette


  • Meal: Mexican tortilla soup and sea bass en papillote with vegetables
  • Dinner: portobello mushrooms stuffed with onion cream and cheese


  • Meal: chickpea stew spiced with turmeric and coconut milk and Andalusian-style shredded meat
  • Dinner: tuna sandwich


  • Meal: assorted appetizers and chicken rice
  • Dinner: roasted vegetable salad and duck ham

Appetizers and snacks

  1. Chilean clams parmesan
  2. Mussels with mustard sauce
  3. Sobrasada gratin toast with pear and goat cheese

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Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats

  • Classic panellets
  • Chocolate panellets
  • Banana and date plum cake
  • La Viña cheese cake
  • Galician bica or egg white cake
Graveyard of salmon canapes with mustard and cream cheese

Graveyard of salmon canapes with mustard and cream cheese

Halloween Special

  • Monster eyes of mozzarella and olives
  • Graveyard of salmon canapes with mustard and cream cheese
  • Tutancamembert baked cheese
  • Graveyard dip
  • Meat dumplings with eyes
  • Pumpkin quesadillas with guacamole
  • Witch’s Poisoned (Salty) Pie
  • Spider cupcakes
  • Chocolate graveyard cake
  • Chocolate ghost lollipops
  • Spider cookies
  • Witch fingers (with almond)
  • Bloody cocktail
  • Kiwi Frankenstein

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