quick recipe in 20 minutes for sweet or savory dishes

quick recipe in 20 minutes for sweet or savory dishes

We have seen a thousand times the famous cranberry sauce in American movies and series, almost always linked to the Thanksgiving menu. It is so popular that it is sold packaged, just like the jams and compotes so popular in central and northern Europe. In Spain it is easier to find fresh cranberries with which we can make a versatile, very easy version in less than half an hour.

The elaboration has little mystery and it will help us to accompany roasts and cheeses, but it is also delicious on its own, with a perfect acid point to contrast stronger flavors. We will achieve a more texture gelatinous and thicken by adding a minimum amount of liquid and taking advantage of the core of an apple, which releases pectin when cooked.

If you prefer a more liquid and fluid texture to sauce meats or desserts you just have to add more water, juice or a wine type Jerez, Porto or even some brandy. Another option would be to make it as is and then add it to a ragout or stew, or combine it with the juices from a roast.

Gently wash the fresh blueberries and drain with the help of a strainer. Take advantage of an already used apple core or open a new piece to carefully cut it, without breaking it so that the seeds do not come out. It can be removed with a corer. Remove the tail and prick a little with a fork.

Put the blueberries in a saucepan and drizzle with the juice; add the sugar and place the apple core. Stir, heat and bring to a boil. Lower the fire and cook gently without boiling; add water by the spoonfuls or more orange juice -if you prefer sweeter- so that it does not stick to the bottom. Incorporate more or less liquid depending on the use we want to give it, a more liquefied sauce or a thicker compote.

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After 10-15 minutes most of the pieces will have broken on their own; mash the larger ones with a fork or mash them more if you want a more homogeneous texture. To the 20-25 minutes it will have already thickened well; carefully test the acidity point to adjust to taste.

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With what to accompany the red cranberry compote

Cranberry compote or sauce adapts easily to both sweet and savory side dishes. Those who are tired of cloying jams will enjoy spreading it on good bread and butter toasts, or with a touch of quality honey. It’s delicious paired with dairy like fresh cheeses, yogurt, or the creamy skyr, and it certainly makes a magical contrast to others. stronger cheeses, especially cured and blue, and is perfect for desserts with fruits or a cheesecake thanks to its acid counterpoint. Due to these same characteristics, it will be a great accompaniment to roast meats such as chicken or veal.

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