In 2018, Quantic Dream, a French studio recognized for games such as Detroit: Become Human, was accused of abuse and a toxic work environment by the Le Monde and Mediapart media. In response, the company filed a defamation lawsuit. After several years of this legal battle, this conflict already has a resolution.

According to, Quantic Dream has won the defamation trial, but it is not a complete victory. The French court pointed out that Le Monde is guilty of defaming the study, but Mediapart has been exonerated from the case. This opinion was given on May 27 and 29, and was released on Thursday, September 9. However, none of those involved had published the conclusion to the case.

Exactly why Le Monde was found guilty is unknown at the moment, but not Mediapart. This was what the Trade Union of Video Game Workers in France about:

“Justice has recognized the seriousness and good faith of the journalists’ work. However, Le Monde was convicted. It will be necessary to have the exact reasons for the sentence to understand this worrying asymmetry, but it is a setback for the freedom of expression and the word of all the victims of sexism, sexual harassment and in general conditions that benefited the businessmen who use all their resources to silence any accusation ”.

After unveiling the original articles from 2018, several former Quantic Dream employees sued the studio. In one of these cases, the French company was forced to pay a compensation of € 7 thousand euros, while on another occasion it reversed the decision of another 2018 trial.

For now, Quantic Dream has remained silent on this case. Regarding the future of the study, several reports indicate that they are working on a Star Wars game, and here you can learn more about it.

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Quantic Dream wins defamation lawsuit

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