Puy du Fou, the perfect (and essential) show if you plan to visit Toledo

Puy du Fou, the perfect (and essential) show if you plan to visit Toledo

Break with the monotony, enjoy nature and soak up history: Puy du Fou Spain offers us much more than a mere show. Located in Toledo and becoming a unique park concept, it opened its doors in 2019 with the acclaimed night show: The Dream of Toledoa journey through time goes through 1,500 years of history on a stage of five hectares. Today we can enjoy different day and night shows that make Puy du Fou España the biggest hit of the year. Today we show you three reasons why you should not miss this event if you plan to visit Toledo.

According to Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of Puy du Fou Spain, stated that,

El Sueño de Toledo is the final touch to an unforgettable experience full of emotion where history and nature continue to be the protagonists. This show, the largest represented in our country, opened its doors for the first time in August 2019 and, since then, has been able to keep viewers unblinking for more than 70 minutes. More than 150,000 tickets have already been sold for this season.

Three reasons why you should not miss this event

His staging could leave you speechless

Even if you are a difficult person to impress with very high standards, the show The Dream of Toledo It has such a display of special effects that they do not leave anyone indifferent. In this way, it becomes a gigantic canvas that excites and transports viewers through 1,500 years of history represented by 200 actors who are located on a huge 5-hectare stage. Whether for their choreographies or for the small details of their outfitsthis show is a must to consider.

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It is considered the “Best Show in Europe”

When we say that it is a show “worthy of admiration” we say it knowing that this plan has countless awards behind it. With these premises in 2021 it won the PAC Awards in the category of “Theme Park of the Year in Spain” and the award for “Best Show in Europe” by the Parksmania awards.

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It is a journey through the centuries suitable for all audiences

With a total duration of 70 minutes, its shows are perfect to go with friends, as a couple or even the whole family -it is suitable for the entire public-. Although “The Dream of Toledo” It is the most famous show, it also has other proposals such as “the last song”-deals with the legend: El Cid Campeador-; “A Pen and Sword” -relive the adventures of Lope de Vega; “Kings Falconry” -an aerial representation with more than 200 birds and raptors-, or “Beyond the Ocean Sea” -an immersive journey to relive the voyage of Christopher Columbus to America-.

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Located eight minutes from the historic center of Toledo and 50 minutes from Madrid, this great flat is perfect for a weekend getaway or to mark a different summer vacation.


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