Pull-ups not your thing? These are the exercises that you can perform in their replacement

Pull-ups not your thing?  These are the exercises that you can perform in their replacement

Pull-ups are a well-known basic exercise and ideal for exercising the latissimus dorsi as well as other back muscles. However, its great demand and difficulty can be underestimated when it comes to its practice. Because, If chin-ups are not your thing, we will show you the exercises you can perform in their replacement.

The best options for exercising your back instead of chin-ups

The pull-ups or traction on a fixed bar, work first and foremost latissimus dorsi. However, it also requests the contraction of the rhomboids as well as the bottom of the trapezoid and teres major.

They collaborate with the movement muscles of the arms such as the biceps, the long supinator and the brachialis anterior.

Its execution requires a lot of practice and great strength of the aforementioned muscles, that is why many of us dismiss its practice or prefer to perform other movements to replace him that help us gain strength in the muscles involved.

The exercises that we recommend to replace chin-ups are the chest pulley or chest pull as well as the inverted multipower row that performed in suspension (even partially) represents an excellent alternative to chin-ups to work the latissimus dorsi and rhomboids.

Others training We recommend the horizontal barbell row, the ring row, the low pulley row, the dumbbell lateral arm raises or the hammer-type bicep curl to exercise the muscles of the arms.

While chin-ups are a compound exercise that cannot be easily substituted, all of these exercises can be performed to work similar muscle groups, if chin-ups aren’t your thing.

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