Puff pastry stars filled with almond cream: Christmas recipe

Puff pastry stars filled with almond cream: Christmas recipe

Although we still have many days ahead of us, I am one of those who prepares as much as possible in advance so that on the last day I do not have so much trouble in the kitchen and do what is strictly necessary at the last minute.

To do these puff pastry stars filled with almond cream We can have the almond cream prepared in advance, so we will only have to bake them and we save the previous work.

Of course it cannot be said that the puff pastry is preferable that you do it at home, but if you do not dare with it, you can use a commercial iron to make this recipe. Of course, make sure that the puff pastry you buy is of quality and avoid frozen ones.

To prepare the Almond cream We beat the butter with the sugar until it forms a smooth paste. Add the almond and flour and mix until everything comes together. We add one of the eggs and the rum, stir and reserve.

We preheat the oven to 200º with heat from top to bottom. We stretch the puff pastry sheet and cut it in half. Fill one of the parts with the almond cream leaving two centimeters to the edge without cream. Brush the four edges with the other beaten egg and place the other part of the dough on top, press lightly.

With the help of a star-shaped cutter we cut portions of dough that we place on the oven tray lined with paper. We bake the stars until they are golden brown and the puff pastry has risen. Let cool on a rack before consuming.

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With what to accompany the puff pastry stars

Are puff pastry stars filled with almond cream They are an exquisite snack that we will serve as a dessert, both alone, and accompanying the tray of nougats or any other dessert, since they also serve as precious decorations for any other preparation we make. Personally, I have used them on some occasions to decorate a cake or to serve with ice cream.

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