PUBG Mobile will have an unexpected crossover with The Boys

PUBG Mobile will have an unexpected crossover with The Boys

When it comes to battle royale, few games have managed to set the trend quite like Krafton’s PUBG: Battlegrounds. Despite the highly competitive nature of the genre in the industry, the title continues to attract millions every month, thanks in part to the growing popularity of PUBG: Mobile.

As developers seek to entice players with new content and events, PUBG Mobile has announced one of his latest collaborations.

Of course, the popular battle royale has come a long way since its debut in 2017. PUBG has greatly improved your experience in various aspects over the years, ranging from more fluid gameplay and optimizations, to offering various modes. But it is the move to free-to-play that has managed to cause one of the biggest impacts on the title in recent times.

Now it seems that the developers want to take advantage of this popularity with collaborations, events, gameplay modes and other content ideas. According to the teaser posted on YouTube, PUBG Mobile will have an official crossover with TheBoys of amazon and will start this June 3, coinciding with the premiere of the third season.

As part of this collaboration, players will be able to earn a number of exclusives, including the iconic Homelander, Starlight, and Soldier Boy outfits. The crossover will also have weapon skins, backpacks, and an exclusive Supes parachute, among other items. In addition, the Supe Spree event will take place on June 5, in which players will join Billy Butcher, from the series, to create an investigation squad and “search for evidence of the misdeeds of the Supes”.

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