PUBG MOBILE invites you to the Mad Gala themed event with giveaways and surprises

PUBG MOBILE invites you to the Mad Gala themed event with giveaways and surprises

Great news for the entire PUBG MOBILE player community, being one of the best mobile games in the world, today announced the Mad Gala event, a way to reward PUBG MOBILE players with surprises and gifts. amazing.

From June 22 to June 26, viewers of content creators who play PUBG MOBILE will be able to enter to win smartphones and point cards through the broadcasts and videos of the following content creators: Magic PM, Groze PUBG, Ale bosh ,Eduxs, Joker Guas0n, Anell Games,LvlLow, Iron YT, Replis Gaming, Alucard, Agus Play, Louri Play, Orochy, Zodaga, Maister gaming, Betos Monky.

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The event will be held on the official PUBG MOBILE channel on Facebook and YouTube. Players will be able to follow the broadcasts of the content creators and enter the games that are being played, with that they will be participating in the draw for the gifts in Mad Gala.

There will be two broadcasts per day from July 22 to July 26, 2022. Follow PUBG MOBILE social networks to find out the times and where to participate. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Download PUBG MOBILE for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

PUBG MOBILE is based on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, the phenomenon that took the world of interactive entertainment by storm in 2017. Up to 100 players parachute onto a remote island to battle it out in a winner-takes-all showdown. Players must locate and search for their own weapons, vehicles, and supplies.