PUBG hackers lose battle against Tencent Games

PUBG hackers lose battle against Tencent Games

In case you weren’t aware, not too long ago PUBG Mobile it became the home of many hackers who were doing all kinds of illegal activities within the game. Those responsible have already been found, and Tencent Games and KRAFTON INC. They have filed a lawsuit against them, which ended in favor of both companies and as a result, these cheaters will have to pay $ 10 million.

These hackers created and distributed various cheats that offered a wide disadvantage against honest players. The money that these companies will obtain will be used to reinforce the anti-cheating measures that the game has, in addition to these cheats will have to explain in detail how they found all these exploits. Rick li, producer of PUBG Mobile in Tencent Games, stated the following:

“Millions of players around the world enjoy PUBG MOBILE and we will ensure a level of play for all. Unfortunately, the actions of these hacker groups detract from the legitimacy of the game. These Trials send a clear message that we will not tolerate cheating in PUBG MOBILE from Tencent Games.

This legal victory reinforces our collective commitment to firmly protect our games, PUBG IP and the global community, “said Minu Lee, Head of Product Management for PUBGM at KRAFTON, Inc.” Fun and fairness are the foundation of the experience of PUBG MOBILE and cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. As such, we will continue to assert our intellectual property rights with unwavering determination against anyone who seeks to dismiss or misuse them. “

And on related topics, it was recently announced that PUBG would become a title free-to-play from next week. You can know exactly when by clicking on the following link.

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PUBG hackers lose battle against Tencent Games

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