PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may not have been the first Battle Royal, but it was certainly the first game to make the genre what it is today. Once the PUBG Corp title established itself as a true revelation, Epic Games took the step of making Forntnite what it is today.

It is important to note that PUBG’s success is even greater if we take into account that, to this day, the title continues to be paid, unlike most Battle Royals on the market, which usually opt for a free to play model, where the benefit comes from their skins . However, it seems that I am could change shortly.

PUBG for free? A rumor so assures

A recent leak, shared by the user @PlayerIGN of Twitter, ensures that in the future we will be able to play PUBG for free. Apparently, the people of PUBG Corp would like to change the title to a free to play model, thus resembling the rest of the competitors of the genre.

The new PUBG map specifies its release date

According to the user, The idea of ​​being able to play PUBG for free was already something that was taken into account during the year 2019, but the change did not take place because the results obtained during the free trial of the title were not as expected by the company, something that it would repeat next month to re-evaluate moving to the free to play model.

For now, this is nothing more than a mere rumor, so we will have to wait to see if it is confirmed in the next few days that it will be possible to play PUBG free for a week, which would certainly add credibility to the rumor.