PS5 resellers robbed at gunpoint

PS5 resellers robbed at gunpoint

Since its launch in 2020, resellers have been a constant headache for those gamers who have yet to get hold of a PlayStation 5. A year later and we still have to deal with them, but it seems that people have already started to despair since four of these consoles were recently stolen at gunpoint.

As reported Global News, a couple of resellers of PS5 they reached an agreement with some users interested in buying four of these consoles. After they had negotiated, they arranged to meet on the outskirts of the mall Pickering Town Center located in Durham, Ontario. After arriving at the scene, the buyers got out of their vehicle and at gunpoint took these consoles from them. Once the robbery was over, the thieves got back into their vehicle and left the scene. At the time of writing, they have not yet been found.

The resale situation reached such a critical point that even the government of United Kingdom had to intervene to prevent bots and resellers from securing any of these new consoles. I think here in Mexico In reality, there was never much problem due to the shortage, although currently it is somewhat difficult to find any PS5 or Series X.


Editor’s note: The good news is that no one was hurt, and hopefully the resellers have learned their lesson. The reality is that none of us are exempt from this type of situation, so we must always be very careful with these online transactions.

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Via: Global News

PS5 resellers robbed at gunpoint

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