Last week the 9.00 update came to PS4. Although at the time only problems were reported with this new firmware version, it was recently revealed that this has also fixed an annoying problem that has plagued console gamers for years. That’s how it is, It seems that the inconveniences caused by the CMOS battery are long gone.

In case your PS4 does not have a CMOS battery, or it is damaged, it was basically impossible to start a game, digital or physical, without an internet connection. Fortunately, several users have reported that this is no longer an issue with the new firmware update.

Previously, having a damaged CMOS battery prevented users from earning trophies early. In this way, the games needed to be connected in some way to the PSN at all times. Although this was not necessarily bad, as it also protected the PS4 from some hacks, eventually the relationship with the PSN will disappear, but this is no longer a concern thanks to the update.

In this way, if your PS4 does not have a CMOS battery, or it is damaged, finally you can enjoy your games without the need to be connected to the internet all the time. In related topics, several fans have reported problems with the PS4. Similarly, a glitch breaks Kena: Bridge of Spirits on this console.


Via: Modern Vintage Gamer

PS4 update fixes big problem

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