PS3 games on PS5? We explain what is happening

PS3 games on PS5?  We explain what is happening

a few days ago, Sony required retail stores United Kingdom to remove all prepaid cards from PS Now from their shelves. This sparked speculation that the Japanese giant could be preparing the ground for the arrival of its answer to xboxgamepass, which would combine PS Plus and PS Now in a single service. Now a new clue has come to light, but it is actually a mistake.


It happens that in recent days a photograph of video games began to circulate on the internet. Playstation 3 appearing listed in playstation store from playstation 5 The community thought this was a sign that backward compatibility between the two consoles would finally be here, but we’re sorry to tell you that it’s a simple visual bug that’s been going on since last year.

Via social networks and forums, users confirmed that this bug is related to when it was possible to rent games via PS Now, because they even appear listed with the original prices of their rents. Apparently this bug was also present during the times of the Playstation 4, and persisted until the launch of the PS5

Via Twitter, a popular youtuber from PlayStation known as Ryan Binicki, clarified this same situation:

Hi Jordan, this is the same visual bug that appeared on PS4 over the years and on PS5 when it first came out. It is effectively taking the prices of PS Now when the games could be rented. Dead or Alive and Prince of Persia games are the same price as your rental.”

So there you have it, you better not get excited just yet as this is just a simple bug. I have not the slightest doubt that Sony yes i am working on an answer to xboxgamepass, but this is not a track of the service far from it.

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Publisher’s note: I have never personally come across this bug, but it certainly makes sense what all these users are saying. I think Sony’s rumored service does exist, but they’re not ready to reveal it to the world yet and for now we just have to wait.

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PS3 games on PS5? We explain what is happening

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