PS3 games in PlayStation Plus Premium do not include DLC

PS3 games in PlayStation Plus Premium do not include DLC

Today comes the new playstation plus to the Asian continent (with the exception of Japan) and for this reason Sony has shared more information about how its service works. It was known that we could play PS3 titles via streaming, but it has been confirmed that the DLC will not be playable.

This week Sony confirmed that the titles that are played through streaming they will not have support for DLC, so we will not be able to access the downloadable content of PS3 games. PS4 games can also be played via streaming, but these have the option to download them and, in this way, be able to play their DLC.

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The new PlayStation Plus has three plans: Essential, Extra and Premium. Only PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers have access to the catalog of retro games, including PS1 games, PSP games, PS2 remasters and PS3 games via streaming.

In regions where streaming is not available, the plan is called PlayStation Plus Deluxe and comes at a slightly reduced price. Players subscribed to this plan will not have access to PS3 games or PS4 or PS5 games via streaming.

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The new PlayStation Plus arrived on the Asian continent today, but Japan has to wait until June 1. The service will arrive in America on June 13, while in Europe they will have to wait until June 22.

Source: Sony.

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