PS1 classics in PlayStation Plus Premium could have Trophies

PS1 classics in PlayStation Plus Premium could have Trophies

Sony will soon make a number of classic PlayStation 1 games available for PS4 and PS5 consoles, primarily through its PlayStation Plus renewal. Although some of the games will be available for purchase individually, all will be available to subscribers of playstation plus who decide to upgrade to the new tier of PS Plus Premium when it launches on June 13. And what is better, these classic games will come with some new features that were not available in their original version.

Some of these new features have already been discussed before. For example, some classic PS1 games will have save states and rewind features. And now it has been confirmed that some of these retro games will also have support for trophies. So far it has only been confirmed that one of the classic games of PS1 Coming to PS Plus Premium will have trophy support, but it could be a sign that more of them will feature trophies.

Bend Studio has confirmed that the PS1 classic Siphon Filter will have trophy support when it launches on PS Plus Premium. Not only that, but there will even be a platinum trophy for fans to unlock. This should make the prospect of revisiting these classic games more appealing than ever before, especially for trophy hunters.

So far, Bend Studio has confirmed two of the Siphon Filter trophies that PS Plus Premium subscribers will be able to unlock once the service goes live. The first is called “An Explosive Start” and is a silver trophy. The second Siphon Filter trophy that Bend Studio has revealed is “Great job, agent!” and it’s platinum. It’s unclear how many trophies will be in the game, and fans may have to wait for PS Plus Premium to go live to find out for sure.

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It will be interesting to see how many classic PS1 games will have trophy support when the new PS Plus tiers are released, and if that support will extend to other retro games as well. In addition to PS1 games, PSP and PS2 games will also be playable through PS Plus Premium. There are some remastered PS2 games with trophy support that are part of the package, but it hasn’t been said whether regular PS2 games will have trophies or not.