promotion gets out of control in networks

promotion gets out of control in networks

The price of lemons out of control and in the midst of this imbalance we have witnessed all kinds of actions, among them there are promotions that have become cases that are not wasted, on the contrary, they are guidelines that help to draw the situation that is lived around this food.

One of the latest cases added to this wave of high lemon prices in the country involves Don Nacho, a carnitas vendor in Actopan, Hidalgo.

The tenant had the idea of ​​starting a promotion in which, in exchange for paying 70 pesos for two split lemons, he gave away a quarter of carnitas.

According to Don Nacho, who was interviewed by a national media outlet, he confessed that the advertising idea was his son’s, who, given the rising cost of the product at the national level and the high prices, had the initiative to carry out the promotion, which diners describe as humorous and a “very good offer”.

This original promotion is one of the many measures that can be thought of around the price of lemons and how this product has gained attention in the market, especially now that it has become a price benchmark for all kinds of everyday items in the life of a consumer, from the moment of eating to the change in certain products that find an input in citrus.

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The rising price of products in Mexico

They say that in times of scarcity is when you have the best ideas and when a tenant decides to sell two lemons and motivate his offer with carnitas as a complement to convince consumers of the product.

These types of measures become important actions that serve to understand the market in which we find ourselves and not only that, but also to identify which creative strategies become relevant to the consumer.

With this in mind, it is essential to understand what aspects help in the market and what resources are helpful in order to identify work patterns that contribute to communicating in times of scarcity.

Between lemons and inflation

With rising prices and inflation at the door, it is important to identify the aspects that play in favor of a brand and not only that, to understand what resources are crucial to innovate in the market.

Given these tasks, a crucial element to take into account has to do with the way in which brands are involved in the market, since the importance of a brand when making decisions depends on it.

With this in mind, a very important aspect to consider is the one that reveals the value of being able to understand the market. For example, in the fashion industry there is the theory of the Hemline Index, where the economic situation is noted, that is, when there are no crises, the garments are short and models such as miniskirts emerge, while when there is a complex economic situation, the length of the garments is extended and we find longer garments, due to the fact that the purchased fabrics are used to the maximum.

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