Project Belfry, another of the Xbox exclusives yet to be announced, offers interesting details

Project Belfry, another of the Xbox exclusives yet to be announced, offers interesting details

The near future of video games looks pretty bright. Despite certain problems, such as the shortage of computer components to meet Next-Gen demand, the post-pandemic work of the video game industry is returning to its natural course. It has not been easy, and since 2020 this situation has caused numerous delays in the development phases and a shortage of titles between 2020 and 2021. However, this situation will improve from 2022, a year that will stand out a lot for its premieres and announcements. In fact, a leak aims to reveal Details on Project Belfry, a new Xbox exclusive yet to be announced.

Project Belfry has received leaks from the journalist Jeff Grubb on his GrubbSnax podcast. In said podcast, Grubb himself claims to have a reliable source that has disclosed information about this title, still unannounced officially. It would be a 2D side advance title, which can be described as an intermission with Dragon’s Crown and Studio Ghibli (specifically mentioning Princess Mononoke), something that assures us that this game will have an anime aesthetic with fantasy resources.

This title, according to Grubb’s source, will also feature a rich and interesting world that will be interconnected by different ways. We can also create settlements at different points on the map and we will also have crafting mechanics. There is no doubt that these are quite a few elements, and that if these statements are true, it would be necessary to see how they are implemented with the map and the mechanics of this title.

Nothing else is known about this possible Microsoft exclusive title. As we have already said before, Project Belfry has not been officially announced, so there can be many details that, without the source having lied, change later during the development process, since they are probably still at a fairly early stage. It is even unknown, at the moment, which studio works on this video game. Anyway, a title that collects an artistic style in which Princess Mononoke is specifically mentioned she can have a most attractive appearance.

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