This tool can be accessed from the Prodecon website and through a QR code.

The Kabil – Tax Defense platform can be accessed by scanning this QR code.

To resolve any doubts, Prodebot will request your full name, RFC and a telephone or email address to follow up on the case.

You will also be able to consult tutorials for filling out the Service Request Forms provided by the Attorney General’s Office, as well as multiple forms of various writings, requests and means of defense.

There is also a section where girls, boys and young people will find the “Guide: My Tax Training” and the “Tax Orientation Manual”; two interactive digital works whose purpose is to promote the contributory culture by sensitizing this sector of the population about the importance of complying with the payment of taxes.

Paying taxes is a civic, moral, ethical and constitutional obligation to obtain public goods and services, reported Prodecon.