Problems related to Telmex services are reported

Problems related to Telmex services are reported

For a few hours, users of Telmex They have been reporting all kinds of problems related to the company’s services, such as internet and telephony. These problems range from intermittence in the connection, or even the total disconnection of the service. So now you can stop restarting your modem over and over again.

Users have been expressing their complaints through social networks, but you can also check it yourself through the portal DownDetector, which registers a peak of problems as of noon today.

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At the time of writing, Telmex It has not offered an explanation of why its services are failing, but it seems that this is a problem unique to the platform, since there have been no complaints regarding other providers. And yes, this is affecting users nationwide.

On the other hand, there are also certain reports that Telcel it is not working 100 percent either. DownDetector also registers a peak of complaints from the 12PM of today.

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However, it seems that the problems related to Telcel are affecting fewer users than those of Telmex.


Via: DownDetector

Problems related to Telmex services are reported

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