If you Xiaomi mobile has been updated and WhatsApp is giving you problems It is possible that your mobile is reporting the new failure of MIUI with WhatsApp in the Xiaomi. Xiaomi forums are already full of messages about this new ruling that affects certain users who have updated the MIUI version a few days ago. The failure is reported in WhatsApp making it impossible to see the multimedia content of the conversations. The images appear blurry and the app warns that WhatsApp cannot find media files.

WhatsApp: this media file does not exist on your internal storage

All users who are reporting this problem on Xiaomi phones have updated MIUI Few days ago. The last OTA did not sit well with WhatsApp and it seems there are problems for find media files. In conversations all videos and photos appear in “ghost mode”. They are blurry images that WhatsApp shows when it does not have access to the files.

To enter in the gallery these files are available, so the problem is in the connection of WhatsApp with the files on your device. There is apparently no solution and you can simply try certain steps to get it reversed.

  1. Clear WhatsApp cache
  2. Go to ‘Accounts’ and re-sync WhatsApp
  3. Force close WhatsApp from settings
  4. Look for a WhatsApp update at Google play

Currently the trouble seems to be affecting quite a few users who have updated their Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI. The bug may still be present until WhatsApp or MIUI release a light update soon.

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If none of the above actions solve the failure, we recommend you wait patiently. The files have not been deleted and you can continue accessing from the gallery of your smartphone normally. The only problem is that you won’t see them in WhatsApp conversations.