Princess Leonor impresses with a blue dress and steals all the prominence from Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía

Princess Leonor impresses with a blue dress and steals all the prominence from Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía

Their Majesties the King and Queen, accompanied by the Princess of Asturias and Girona and the Infanta Sofía, attended the 2022 Princess of Girona Foundation Awards ceremony. Awards presented to the actress, playwright and producer María Hervás (in the Arts category and Letters); the engineer Elisenda Bou-Balust (Company category); the physicist and researcher Eleonora Viezzer (Scientific Research); the psychologist and social entrepreneur Claudia Tecglen (Social category) and the conservationist Trang Nguyen (International Award).

Princess Leonor has risked, succeeded and impressed with her look and Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofía have stolen all the limelight.

Yesterday the two sisters visited the Dalí Museum in Figueres where they participated in a work session on the new programs of the Princess of Girona Foundation and chose lookIt’s bohemian style.

Tonight they have opted for more refined and sophisticated outfits, the occasion required it. It is not easy to get the design right, since both Leonor and Sofía are at a difficult age, but they have undoubtedly succeeded and with a note.

Princess Leonor risks and wins

princess eleanor

princess eleanor has opted for a dress measure in blue one of his favorite colors. A design with a crossed neckline and bare shoulders, with a fitted waist and a full skirt. It is the first time that we see the princess with a design, we could call it a gala, and she has undoubtedly left us speechless.

princess eleanor

A style that has been combined with long hair gathered in a high bun, patent leather slingback pumps naked of Carolina Herrera and very discreet diamond earrings.

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Doña Letizia divine with a premiere dress

doña letizia

Doña Letizia has also been right with her choice. The queen has opted for a fantastic dress measure navy blue, one of her most flattering shades, which suited her so well. A design with a dropped shoulder and beading detail as a strap from one side to the other on the neckline, a marked waist and a straight opening.

A design signed by Boüret, the Luna Diamante model, made of navy blue crepe and with a cord of rhinestones silver. This handcrafted in Galicia by a team made up entirely of women.


A premiere model that has been combined with navy blue suede slingback pumps from Carolina Herrera, a design that they have in different colors, and a matching bag.

The infanta Sofía is right with a cape look

infant sofia

The Infanta Sofía has also enchanted us. On this occasion she has opted for a white two-piece made up of straight crèpe trousers and a sleeveless cape top. An asymmetrical maxi model made of silk tulle, a trendy design that is ideal, youthful and very successful.

A outfits which she has combined with flat toe sandals in cream. Ideal loose wavy hair. Sofía loves to change her hairstyle, yesterday she surprised us with braids and today with waves.

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