‘Predator’, ranking from the worst to the best film of the saga

‘Predator’, ranking from the worst to the best film of the saga

Predator: The Prey he achieved the unthinkable: to bring interest to a franchise with deliveries of less and less quality. Dan Trachtenberg’s film, already available on Disney+, is an interesting and agile proposal that knew how to understand the meaning of a premise based on power. The creature, this time faced with enemies that will stand up to him and against whom he must fight on equal terms, reinvents himself. The result is a novel take on a cliché plot that surprises by the good work of its narrative tone.

The movie is a welcome addition. the saga predator It is one of the most successful of the action genre. Also one of those that suffered major setbacks in its quality and proposal during the last decades. The Serie went through almost all possible registers and became a motley mix of looks about a powerful creature with fearsome abilities. But on several occasions, the productions abandoned their interesting point of view for others that were lighter, more spectacular or gimmicky.

Predator: The Prey returns to the origin to endow the creature with a dazzling sense of power. Set three hundred years ago in Comanche territory, it traverses through several of the franchise’s biggest milestones. At the other extreme, the freedom to experiment freely is allowed. The result is a second wind for the saga and, at the same time, a reinterpretation of its main symbols.

With the success of the latest installment, we can only wonder what the worst movie in the Predator franchise is. And the best? We leave you the final order according to its quality of the film series, from worst to best.

predator (2018)

After several failed attempts to recover the quality of the saga, predator came to the cinema with the promise of revitalizing history. It was a failed experiment. it mixed humor and action in equal parts with questionable results. Directed by Shane Black, the plot completely dispenses with the space warrior idea to target a generic monster.

In fact, it’s one of embarrassing missed opportunities that turns the Predator into a mixture of unstoppable alien and savior figure. Instead of delving into either extreme, the script chooses to mix the two to a confusing and often weak result. As if all of the above wasn’t enough, there are also narrative lines that go nowhere, jokes out of place, and incomplete scenes. To that should be added a sense of the spectacular almost childish which, most of the time, breaks the internal tension of the film.

In the end, predator it’s a flawed mechanism that attempts to rebuild the saga’s defining trait with awkward clumsiness. A derisory perspective on the genre that leaves much to be desired and that, in the best of cases, clarifies that it was what the saga did not need.

predators (2010)

The franchise was going through one of its worst moments and the answer was to create a hybrid between action movies, suspense and some gore. The director, Nimród Antal, tried to combine the formula of a group of strangers subjected to extreme risk on the premise of predator. To that he added, and without the slightest shame, the perception of a danger that surpassed any of the victims at risk. And finally, as if the script weren’t already overloaded, he added a hasty study about the alien society from which the creature hails.

The meaningless mix ended in one of the weakest productions in the saga. Which, despite having an all-star cast that included Adrien Brody and a wasted Laurence Fishburne, lacks any internal logic. The movie goes back and forth, in the midst of bloody murders, chases without the slightest interest and in the end, a ridiculous revelation. That, while the characters try to survive without weapons, knowledge or, much less, the slightest opportunity to do so.

the saga predator always celebrated power. But this time he left the sense of strength, in a confused dimension of conflicting reflections. A plot decision that made the film nonsense from start to finish.

Alien vs. predator (2004)

the franchise Aliens vs. predator he never had them all with him. However, it is this grotesque attempt at epic tone that is her most embarrassing moment. Paul WS Anderson’s version, which shows the confrontation between the alien creature imagined by Giger and Predator, was a nonsense from the first scene. In an attempt to unite all the storiesthe film begins by establishing that there is a central point where the plots of both sagas converge.

Big mistake. Not only because the intention is half-hearted — the mysterious link between the hunter and his dangerous prey is never clear — but because of his clumsiness. The execution doesn’t delve into how the Predator species decided that a bare-handed fight with a virtually uncontrollable creature was viable. And despite the fact that the argument explores as best it can the caveat that it is a ritual of passage, the point fades into inaccuracies. Why not do it on your planet? Why wait hundreds of years for training that will surely end in the new hunter’s death?

If the script has appreciable whites and unjustifiable softness, the cinematographic section is even worse. In the middle of an underground exploration to inexplicable places with a painful papier-mâché aspect, the film loses its lack of solidity. In the end, the long-awaited meeting between the two most powerful and deadly species ended in scenes without much significance. Perhaps, the biggest problem in the middle of a narrative without incentives that collapses under its own weight.

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Aliens vs. predator 2 (2007)

Apparently, some executive thought it was a good idea to continue the failed story of Aliens vs. predator. But this time, instead of a thousand-year-old battle in mythical terrain, the production decided to give the story a less grandiose tone. And add a bit of gore to make it clear that his creatures were dangerous. However, apparently no one believed that the combination of the small town formula with a terrifying fact in tow needed a good script to sustain. Still, it’s stronger and better built — in the basics — than its predecessor.

One of the main problems of Aliens vs. predator 2 is the lack of ambition. The directorial duo Greg and Colin Strause rethink the idea of ​​the confrontation between two antagonistic species from the small. And the registry change would have worked if not for packing all sorts of disaster clichés into tiny places. Poachers mistaking a creature’s footprint for an alien, blackouts, street thugs. There is nothing that the argument does not include in the middle of a premise that should focus its enthusiasm exclusively on the confrontation in its creatures.

And when it finally arrives (and takes its time), it’s cold but well choreographed. The best? That the Predator demonstrates his cunning on the battlefield and his power in more ways than one. Worst? The gruesome digital effects that surround Alien, become a series of erratic movements that seek to generate mystery.

predator 2 (1990)

In the midst of a territorial confrontation between drug traffickers and the harshest summer of the decade, Predator finds his perfect hunting ground. More interesting still, with the city of Los Angeles turned into a fearsome terrain for exploration. The immediate sequel to the original film is smart, with brilliant action scenes and a sophisticated sense of action.

But the best thing is that director Stephen Hopkins knew how to exalt the specific nature of the alien as a hunter. In addition, he adds the first anthropological elements of the creature and makes it clear that it is not just an alien. It is also a powerful creature, a member of a race in which hunting is a form of stylized art.

One of the most intriguing points of the film is its atmosphere. Los Angeles is a gritty and violent city. In addition, it is an increasingly complicated scenario. And as police and federal agents try to uncover the identity of a cruel mystery killer, the plot plays on the idea of ​​threat. Unlike subsequent installments in the franchise, this time the Predator is an ominous presence moving in the shadows. And that when he finally reveals his identity, it is removed from the usual showy look at its inexplicable nature.

There is something of an almost dystopian setting in the sequences that allow the alien to show his potential as an assassin. The city, radiant, blasted by temperature and tense, is a character in its own right. But especially, the story gains weight to the extent that it is assumed as a reconstruction of an unimaginable danger. Its highest point.

Predator: The Prey (2022)

The newest addition to the franchise is also the one with the most brilliant execution, best screenplay and a heightened sense of mystery. Director Dan Trachtenberg managed to transfer the scene of the mythical confrontation with a larger and superior predator to the human being to new spaces. And do it, from the connotation of the horror genre. The result is a bold premise that far surpasses any of the most recent in the series. Also a breath of fresh air that surprises with its narrative ability.

When the creature faces warriors from the Comanche tribe, it must first be measured against hunters its equal. But what is even more interesting, with a version on the threat that will put him face to face with opponents that are difficult to defeat.

The film, well set and better resolved at the cinematographic level than much of the franchise, is a direct debtor of suspense. However, there is also a good dose of action that allows you to reconstruct the battle between two races from the intelligence. An unexpected addition in productions of this nature.

predator (1987)

Undoubtedly the best, most complete, best executed and ingenious of all the films in the saga. Director John McTiernan creates an unsettling scene for your creature, but avoids making it obvious. In fact, during its first stretch, the film faithfully fulfills the premise of action cinema. A group of tough soldiers face the jungle, with all its dangers and mysteries. Of course, it is clear that something else lurks. Still, the presence is not obvious, nor does the script immediately lavish its identity.

With star Arnold Schwarzeneger in his prime, the script hinges on his strength. The group that accompanies him begins the journey on a mission that will soon become something more cruel. The Predator is a monster, but also a spectral threat that links with primal fears and even with superstition.

'Predator', ranking from the worst to the best film of the saga

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This, because although the production belongs to the action genre, it has enough intuition to not miss the opportunity to delve into its creature. In all its weirdness, violence and sophistication. Doing it with precision and a sense of fear that makes the film the best in the long saga and an example for the rest of the films to which it gave rise.