Powerade and Merca2.0 take you to America vs Atlas, at the Azteca Stadium

Powerade and Merca2.0 take you to America vs Atlas, at the Azteca Stadium

Powerade once again shows its muscle in the sports industry and, with the #PausaesPower campaign, continues to encourage passion, hobby and health care through high-performance sporting events in Mexico. And it is that the central objective of this sports drink is to promote athletes from various disciplines, in order to motivate Mexicans to perform physical activity, prevent diseases and achieve their personal goals.

For this reason, one of its biggest bets is Mexican soccer, since it has been present in the major national and international leagues in support, more than just one club, of all the Mexican fans, for which it now wants to reward everyone those heart footballers with 5 double passes for the America vs. Atlas, this Saturday July 2 at the Stadium and in Azteca Preferential Zone.

Follow Merca2.0 on their accounts Facebook, Instagram Y Twitter and answer the following questions:

  • Mention the name of an athlete who has taken a break on their way to achieve their goals.
  • Name two of the flavors of Powerade in Mexico.
  • Mention the name of the captain of the Águilas del América from last season

Trivia valid only for the first five people who answer correctly in the comments of this post on the Facebook account of Merca2.0. Remember to use the hashtag #PausaesPower.

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