Positive thoughts that help you be a better mom

Positive thoughts that help you be a better mom

Sometimes, you put yourself many limitations and obstacles, they are negative thoughts that can prevent you from appreciating the wonderfulness of the stage you are living. Therefore, it is important to bring to mind positive thoughts that do help you to be a better mom. We tell you what we are talking about.


Being a mom is not just changing diapers, disciplining your child, taking care of the house, food, work … we propose to change the chip for these ideas …

“I want to be a mom.” 

Surely at some point in your life you may have wondered: «And for this I studied? Change diapers, wash dishes, and vacuum? For this much sacrifice? As you ask yourself these questions – more and more frequently – the idea of ​​the right you have to realize yourself begins to grow until the chores of the home become more tiresome, while that of the mother, with her enormous responsibility, increasingly weighs more .

The psychologist Verónica Rojo recommends that you should first realize yourself as a mother, because nobody will be able to replace your tenderness, your warmth and your attentions. Plus, you’ll miss out on those unforgettable moments that will never happen again, like hearing your first words or going to your first dance in kindergarten.

Your love is necessary, especially during the most formative years, that is, in the early stages of its development. When your child can attend kindergarten (at 3 years old) you can look for another achievement, whether intellectual or professional. Rest assured that what you studied will not have been lost as a mother, since it opened the field of intelligence and expanded the criteria, with which you will be a better mother, than if you lacked education.

“I have to work, take care of the house, my son, but… I have help.”

Involve your partner: It is essential that both are aware that the responsibility of the children belongs to both of them. That there is more communication on your part with your partner about the behavior of the children. That you share with your partner the responsibility of the education of the children, since they have the idea that as a mother you have the duty to fulfill this commitment on your own. That your partner may be responsible for reviewing school notebooks or going to collect grades. That before going to work I will drop him off at school. That if there was a problem with the child at home, that he also be in charge of solving it together with you. Let her spend more time alone with the children.

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“Before mother and wife, I am a woman.”

Remember that you will not be able to give what you do not have, that is why the psychologist Rojo suggests that you carry out some activity that satisfies you, a profession, a social work, a hobby or a job, something that is exclusively yours, as one more requirement to be better mom and best partner. When your children are young it will be difficult for you to take care of it fully, because perhaps you will only have a few spare moments; little by little you will have more time for yourself.

“I am not a perfect mother, every day I grow up and learn to be a better mom.” 

Psychologist Araceli Arredondo explains: «There is no perfect mother. It is certain that when exercising motherhood mistakes are made. Raising and educating children is a complex and delicate process that sometimes frightens and causes anguish. It happens that the moment you become a mom, you are still the same person with or without experience of raising. So you think that because you are older and have lived much longer, you have more knowledge, that is correct! But it is a mutual learning: your children are learning to be your children and you are also learning to be their mother. that makes you the best mom.