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Pornography and adolescence: everything you need to know

Pornography and adolescence: everything you need to know

How does porn affect teenagers? In this article, we will deal with porn addiction, compulsive consumption and the search for references in videos that are pure fiction. The problems that this can cause in the long term are devastating.

Pornography and adolescence: everything you need to know

Last update: 16 January, 2022

Pornography has become a worrying topic that many experts have studied, especially in relation to the problems that their abuse in adolescence can have. This is a very delicate period of life in which insecurities arise, self-esteem problems, the desire to be liked and to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Article Pornography and its impact on the psychosexual development of adolescents states that «pornography is a social problem, those who consume it the most are the population between 12 and 14 years old, who claim to look for these topics on sites websites». But why is pornography talked about in these terms during this stage of adolescence?

Although pornography can be a totally innocent stimulation for masturbation and always making a clear difference with real sexual relations, the biggest problem in the youngest, following what the mentioned article affirms, is addiction which causes This causes an isolation in which porn is preferred to real relationships.

7 out of 10 teenagers consume porn

The number may be scary; however, it is real. Thus, it is collected in a document of the Childhood Observatory of the Junta de Andalucía in which it is explained that 68.2% of adolescents frequently consume pornography. Technological devices have contributed to this, since years ago porn was consumed in magazines and, later, in movies.

Masturbating watching pornography is something common in adolescents and adults, only that the former take it as something real.

Today, it is easy for teenagers to access pornography. Just by typing the right words in the search engine, they find videos, gifs and images for free. In these places, there are no filters and, at most, they only indicate that they are 18 years old. But who checks that who clicks “accept” is really of legal age? No one.

Covid-19 increased the numbers

Save the Children issued a report stating that “Global porn consumption traffic experienced a massive 18.5% increase on March 24, 2020”. The confinement affected everyone and spending more time at home increased the consumption of pornography in adolescents. Perhaps it had to do with boredom or stress itself.

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Platforms like OnlyFans have been born

Something in which teenagers outperform adults is in how up-to-date they are with all the news regarding social networks, applications or platforms such as OnlyFans. Although those under 18 years of age cannot access, this is not always safe. There are ways to get around this and access all the pornographic material that generates so much curiosity.

How does porn affect teenagers?

The main problem that all the studies insist on is that adolescents have a hard time discerning that what they are seeing is fiction. What’s more, many of them go to porn to be able to look for references regarding that act that generates so much interest in these ages. The point is that they have not yet reached the end of their maturation process.

Not receiving adequate affective-sexual education (still in schools this is something that needs to be worked on more), can make adolescents try to reproduce what they see in their sexual relationships. Sadomasochistic practices, expectations that only cause frustration and postures that, far from generating pleasure, cause discomfort.

The consumption of porn can affect adolescent couples.

Also, in pornography there is everything. Scenes of rape, violence, street sex, cornering, etc., that the adolescents do not know are not real. It is fiction. The actors behind are playing a role. If they don’t jump off a building like Spiderman, why do you think porn is real?

When is porn a problem?

As with any other type of addiction, teen porn becomes a problem when there is a compulsive consumption of it and frequent. In addition, they may try to look to pornography for relief from a negative emotion. Also, sometimes consumption can cause feelings of guilt. This is an alarm signal.

Shame is the most powerful weapon of pornography for young people to maintain their addiction. But over time, this alone will lead to frustrations in their relationships with other people. They will not achieve the expected sexual satisfaction, they may have problems reaching orgasm or enjoying themselves. Seeking help as soon as possible is essential.

Loneliness, stress, curiosity, morbid… All these words were accentuated by the pandemic, but the consumption of pornography has been worrying for years. It is vital to pay more attention than ever so that young people can have healthy relationships and understand as soon as possible that when they see porn on the Internet, movies or other platforms it is fiction.

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