Pony riding, ballooning and other things you didn’t know you can see and do around Disneyland Paris

Pony riding, ballooning and other things you didn’t know you can see and do around Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris opened its doors for the first time on April 12, 1992 at 9:01 in the morning (that is, 30 years ago) and, since then, has welcomed more than 375 million visitors from all over the world. Go to Disneyland Paris It is the dream of every European child, but also of many adults and it is that it is an experience that goes far beyond what the park enclosure offers. In its surroundings, the magic continues. By the way, although it is an expensive trip, it can be much cheaper if we apply the tricks of the most expert travelers.

Disney Village

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You don’t have to go far from the park to find an entertainment area with shops, restaurants, cinemas and even a lake from which you can go up to fly in a hot air balloon. This is Disney Village and it is a space that was designed by Frank Gehry, the Canadian architect who also signed the Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Villages Nature Paris

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A stone’s throw from Disneyland is this original tourist destination where to reconnect with Nature. Five worlds of fun can be explored here: the Aqualagon (one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe), the Extraordinary Gardens, the BelleVie Farm (where the pony club, the construction of family cabins and the bowling alley stand out), the Forest of Legends (with outdoor games inspired by legends) and the Lake Walk.

La Vallee Village

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A site where you can buy at the best prices without giving up glamor is this outlet with the best French designers and interior decoration firms. Armani, Diesel, Missoni, Marni… Also, when you get tired of spending, you can take a break and relax at L’Espace La Vallée, where you can delight yourself with its contemporary art exhibition.

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Golf Disneyland Paris

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Just outside of Disneyland Paris is this magnificent field of Golf 27 holes, where to practice the best shots, and then relax. Suitable for both amateurs and experienced professionals. They also have two golf teachers who can help and advise on the different classes they offer depending on the level.

Disneyland Chessy, pleasant room d'hôte

Disneyland Chessy, pleasant room d’hôte

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