Polenta pizzas with mushrooms, a recipe to use to solve dinner or an aperitif in no time.

Polenta pizzas with mushrooms, a recipe to use to solve dinner or an aperitif in no time.

Preparing polenta at home is very simple and there are many ways to give life to that kind of porridge or porridge that, certainly, by itself is quite tasteless. It is worth doing more and it is not unusual that, without intending it, we have leftovers from having miscalculated. With those remains we will have a great base for some pizzas improvised any day of the week.

In the recipe we add the approximate quantities to make the dough from scratch, in case we want to make the pizzas without having to resort to leftovers, but the idea is simply to obtain a texture of thick creamy batter, which once cool and settled can be easily spread with a spoon or spatula without falling apart. Sort of like a thick mashed potato or cream cheese spread.

Of course, can be crowned with whatever you like, although in this case we prepared a 100% use dinner by finishing a jar of tomato sauce and giving out some mushrooms that had been lost in the fridge. Instead of cold turkey, you can add leftover roast chicken, ham cubes, or some vegetarian protein such as marinated tofu or more vegetables.

Prepare the polenta as directed on the package, or use leftovers from other preparations. Normally you just have to heat the broth or water until it starts to bubble without boiling, add the polenta in the form of a shower with a little salt and cook, stirring over low heat until it thickens.

If it is quick-cooking, it will only take a few minutes; other varieties of polenta will require a longer cooking time. Cook until a thick béchamel-like texture is obtained, add the butter (optional) and season to taste. Take to another cold container and let cool for about 20 minutes, or longer.

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Preheat the oven to 200ºC. Spread the cooled polenta on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper forming 4-6 pizzas (or more smaller units), spreading lockets with a spoon or spatula, trying to make it thin.

Cover with tomato sauce, distribute the sliced ​​or chopped clean mushrooms and the ham or cold cuts. Cover with grated cheese and bake about 18-25 minutes (depending on size and thickness). Give a final shot of gratin, if desired, and serve immediately with oregano and more pepper.

With what to accompany the polenta pizzetas

The base of these pizzas it is more satisfying than a thin ordinary pizzaTherefore, depending on its size, we can manage with two or three units per person for dinner, accompanied by a salad. If we make them smaller, we can serve them as an appetizer or starter, even to eat almost in one bite. To reheat them, if necessary, we recommend doing it in the non-stick pan over low heat, so that the base is more crunchy.

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